Final Project Outline:

For IP 10, you must produce something meaningful to you using one, or more, of the programs studied throughout the year, plus additional computer programs of your choosing should they be required. Before beginning work on the project, you must create a project outline to be approved by your teacher. Project proposals will be approved when they have a list of skills the project will demonstrate (minimum of 4 major skills – example: ability to work with layers), an explanation of why the project is important, an explanation of how you wish to be assessed (what should you be marked on), and an idea of what would appear in your “Please Notice” section. (Your “Please Notice” section lists the components of the project the teacher should look for when assessing, and are parts of the project you feel are important, interesting, and/or you want to brag about.)


  • Create a PowerPoint of a dry-land training regime.
  • Create a poster campaign for a social issue. (Save the whales!)
  • Computer coding.
  • Stop motion animation project.
  • Video project.
  • Use a spreadsheet to tally all the statistics for your lacrosse team.
  • Design t-shirt logos for Clavet School.
  • Create a slideshow to emphasize the why the government should provide subsidies for electric cars.
  • Other ideas you come up with!


This will be determined for each student in consultation. The details of the project will determine the assessment.