Spreadsheet Assignment #1: Receipt Calculator (Feedback/Formative)



  • To be familiar with basic hardware and software terminology and features.
  • To develop information processing skills that will be helpful in a student’s personal life.
  • To use computer hardware and software to produce simple personal use documents.
  • To use a variety of computer software applications efficiently and productively.
  • To develop communication skills necessary for information processing.

SKILLS: Addition Formula, Multiplication Formula, Columns, Fonts Characteristics, Borders, Cell Shading


For this assignment, you need to create an excel document capable of calculating the subtotal, GST, PST, and total of a set of items. You will be creating this receipt calculator for a fake business. Determine the name of your business and include it at the top of your page. Also, include a spot for the date on your receipt. You will need columns for:

  • Item Description
  • Number of Items
  • Cost per item
  • Total Cost of each line

Include enough lines so that you could include 10 separate items on your receipt calculator. After these lines, create a space for calculating the Sub-Total, GST, PST, and Total of the order. (Hint: Both GST and PST are 5% – or 0.05.)

As well, demonstrate an ability to use different font characteristics, shade cells (add colour), and use borders in this assignment. A possible example is included below.

When you feel you are complete, check your letter against the receipt_calculator_checklist!

When you are satisfied with your assignment, hand in the completed document to the appropriate In Basket folder. (Remember to save it lastname,firstname…)