Laird School Improvement Goals 2011-2012:

Reading – Students will read at or above grade level or according to their personal program plan.  Students will participate in Cross-grade reading every other day.  Students will work in small groups organized depending on their reading level.  They will work on decoding and comprehension.  Students who are assessed at a reading level above grade 5 will work on extending their learning through reading and writing.
Student Engagement – All students will participate in at least one club.
Student Success Model Implementation – All staff will be knowledgeable of and using the Student Success Model.
Virtues/ Kelso/ High Fives – Virtue education will be intertwined in our daily operations.  Students will become more knowledgeable about virtues and will grow in their display of these virtues in their behaviour.  We will continue to work on Kelso’s Choices and our High Fives.
Parent communication – Staff will improve communication with parents through newsletters, agendas, phone calls, and the development of a school website.