Update: As no election forms were received, there will not be an election for the Laird School SCC at this time.

2021 Spring elections:

It’s spring, which means it is time for the annual School Community Council (SCC) elections in schools throughout Saskatchewan. Laird School SCC Elections will be held electronically between May 12th and May 14th.

The SCC is an important partner at Laird School. This group supports the school with student learning and well-being in a variety of ways. Below is a description of the SCC work and the role of the SCC from the Government of Saskatchewan:

SCCs work directly with parents and the community to develop shared responsibility for the learning success and well-being of all children and youth. They encourage and facilitate the involvement of youth, parents and the community in school planning and improvement processes. They work to advance the educational objectives of their school.

The roles and responsibilities of SCCs include:

  • encouraging parent and community participation in education;
  • developing a good understanding of their community including its needs, resources, supports and goals for student learning and well-being
  • cooperating with school staff to develop school-level plans;
  • communicating annually with families and community members about their activities and accomplishments;
  • SCCs may also provide advice and recommendations to their boards of education, school staff and other organizations about the learning needs and well-being of students

I hope you will consider becoming a part of the Larid School SCC! Any persons wishing to join this valued group will need to submit a Nomination form by May 5th to Glenna Regier at glenna.regier@spiritsd.ca. The Nomination Form can be accessed by clicking on this link or it can be requested from the Laird School Administrative Assistants.

SCC members are typically elected to a 2-year term and, at this time, Laird School has 4 SCC members. SCC groups can have up to 8-9 parent/community members along with 2 school staff members. We have 5 spaces available for additional SCC members. If there are more than 5 nominations, we will need to have a vote. On May 6th, we will be able to let our school community know if a vote is required. Please send an email by May 5th to Glenna Regier at glenna.regier@spiritsd.ca if you would like to vote.

Folks who are eligible to vote must:

  1. Be the parent of a student enrolled in the school (including parents who do not reside within the attendance area of the school); AND/OR
  2. Reside within the school attendance area.

If you are able, please share this information with Laird Community Members (the SCC Membership positions are open to community members as well as to families of current Laird School students). Thank you for your support with sharing this information!

Please note that our regular SCC Meetings are open to all, not just SCC Members. Through the school newsletter, Laird School communicates dates and times of our meetings so that family/community members may attend.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on this matter or any other.


Corinne Dutka