1. Parents/Guardians – There is no entering the staff parking lot. Please do not enter the staff parking lot for picking up or dropping off students. This morning we had an incident where a student was almost hit by a parent exiting the staff parking lot. The staff parking lot is for staff members only. Thank you for your cooperation.
  2. Bake Sale – Today at 11:50. All items are $1.
  3. Orff – Practice today at 12:15.
  4. Parent Info Evening – Thur, Nov 28th.
  5. Hat & Gum Day – Fri, Nov 29th. Students who want to wear a hot or chew gum please bring $1. The funds raised will help with the shipping costs of the Christmas shoe boxes.
  6. Christmas Shoe Boxes – Due Mon, Dec 2nd.

Happy Birthday – Emily B. (K3) Jade P. (5K)

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