1. Reminder – As the weather is much nicer now, we want to remind you to use the correct doors and avoid using the front doors please.
  2. Gr. 4L – Remai/Grip It.
  3. Lego Club – Grade 4.
  4. Indoor Track Relay – Practice today at 12:18 in the small gym.
  5. Gr. 5-8 Ski Trip – Please be at school before 7:00am tomorrow. The bus will return to the school at 5:00pm.
  6. Moves and Music Lunch Recital – Tues, Jan 28th. Gr. 3-8 sign up at the music room to share your work in the arts. Do you sing, play an instrument or dance? If you have a song that is ready to perform sign up this week! Then Tues, Jan 28, bring your lunch to the music room and share with others who are also performing.

No Birthdays today.

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