Thursday, December 22- Announcements

Congratulations to our Family Festival Door Prize Winners!!! Harper H(Gr 5), Devyn H (Gr 2), Lyriq P(Gr3), Elise D (Gr3) and Alina P (Gr 2) all won a prize basket. Congrats to Boden F (Gr 2) for guessing the correct number at the Candy Guess!

Reminder: Grade 5, 6, 7,and 8 need to hand their ski forms in by January 10!

From all the staff at Lake Vista, we wish everyone a wonderful and safe Christmas holiday! We will see everyone back in classes on Monday, January 9, 2023!

Happy Birthday to: Dec 23- Josie A (Gr 3), Mason S (Gr5), Krishan S (Gr 5), Liv S (Gr6). Dec 24- Nathaniel C (Gr 7), Nova D (Gr1). Dec 25- Lily D. Dec 27- Julia J 9Gr4), Eric M (Gr7). Dec 31- Aubryn C (Gr 3), Ellia K (Gr 1), Chongwen S (Gr4). Jan 1- Cameron K (Gr 3). Jan 2- Natalie G (PrK), Samuel P (Gr 3). Jan 3- Arie B (Gr 7). Jan 4- Arnav S (Gr1). Jan 5-Rachel H (Gr7). Jan 6- Della M (Gr4). Jan 7- Chevy B (Gr6)

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