Friday May 14th

Happy Friday!

Happy Birthday To: Declan N. in 2R.

Booster Juice will be providing our Healthy Hunger Lunch today.

Joke of the Day: What is a frogs favorite summer treat?

A Hopsicle!

Just a reminder to get your kids registered for kindergarten classes are filling up fast.

Thursday May 13th

Happy Birthday To: Harper M. in K3, Savanah L. in Pre K. and Ava T. in 1S

Healthy Hunger lunch is tomorrow provided by Booster Juice.

Fun Fact of the Day: The fear of animals is called Zoophobia.

Have A Look! Our Lost and Found is pretty full right now.

Tuesday May 11th

There were no birthdays today at Lake Vista

Fun Fact of the Day: A snail can nap for up to 3 years.

Thanks Jason’s Auto Glass Inc.

A Huge Thank You to Jason’s Auto Glass Inc. right here in Martensville for their donation to Lake Vista School through their April School Promo. We will be using this money to expand our playground.