Friday December 11th

Birthdays Today and for the weekend:

Happy Birthday To Oliver V. in 5K

Saturday – Isaiah B. in K2

Healthy Hunger Lunch today is provided by Booster Juice.

Monetary and Gift Card donations are still welcome for our Christmas Hamper. Thank you to everyone who has donated already.

Wednesday December 9th

No Birthdays today at Lake Vista.

Just a reminder we are still taking monetary and gift card donations for our Christmas Hamper. Your donations are greatly appreciated.

Guidelines for mask wearing

Reviewing this information maybe helpful for parents who have young children who are now required to wear a mask at school:

The government provided an information package for parents, which includes information on correct mask wearing: Safe-Schools-Plan-Parent-Package.pdf (

The Canadian Red Cross provides the following information regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):


Birthdays Today

Happy Birthday to Zoe A. in 5K

We are accepting Christmas Hamper Donations.

Money or Gift Cards are very much appreciated.