Arrivals, Departures, and Bus Transportation

Arrival to and Departure from School

Classes begin at 9:00 a.m.  Students are dismissed at  3:05 p.m.  School staff will supervise classrooms, hallways, and bus loading areas to ensure students arrive and depart in a safe and efficient manner.

Bus drivers are responsible for the supervision of students while busses are being loaded and unloaded.  The driver of the bus is in complete charge of the bus and passengers.  Non-compliance to bus expectations may result in disciplinary action by the bus driver, classroom teachers, and/or school administration.  Disciplinary action may include exclusion from bus service.

Expectations on the Bus

  1. Students must show respect for driver, equipment, other students, and their personal space.
  2. Student seating will be assigned by the bus driver.
  3. Students must remain seated and face forward on the bus.
  4. Quiet conversation with close neighbors is allowed.
  5. Eating or drinking on the bus is not permitted.  Water will be allowed.
  6. Windows are to be adjusted only with the permission of the bus driver.  Keep head and arms inside the bus at all times.
  7. Student personal items and books must be placed near feet or on lap.
  8. The aisle must be kept clear of objects at all times.
  9. Students must obey instructions of the driver.

Students are accountable to the principal and the bus driver for conduct and behavior on the bus.  Students are in the care of bus drivers, but under the responsibility of the school principal while on the bus.