Health Concerns

Head Lice

Head Lice is not a disease and it has nothing to do with personal cleanliness.  The school conducts routine checks of all elementary students.  The Public Health Nurse has trained two people in our school to check for lice.

Parents/guardians of children identified with head lice will be contacted and children will be sent home as soon as possible to receive treatment.  The school will provide caregivers with information on head lice and treatment of head lice.  Once your child has had their first treatment, they may return to school.  Upon returning to school, a trained staff member will verify the treatment has been 100% effective.

If a student in your child’s classroom has been identified as having lice, a lice alert letter will go home with instructions for treatment and other helpful hints.

Working together, we can ensure our children are lice-free.


Certain diseases are labeled communicable (i.e. Chicken Pox, Fifth Disease) according to the Prince Albert Parkland Health Region.  If your child has symptoms of any of these diseases they must not attend school until the contagious stage has passed.  Parents must contact the school as soon as possible to ensure the safety of other children.  Letters are sent home to inform families regarding situations of concern.


We encourage parents/guardians to administer perscribed medication at home.  If it is necessary for a staff member to administer medication throughout the school day, a Prairie Spirit School Division Medication Dispensing Form must be completed.  Contact the school office for more information.


There are individuals with allergies in our school: nuts, fish, eggs, strawberries, and scents.  Please refrain from sending any bought or home baked food containing nuts, peanuts, nut oils, and strawberries, as well as fish or egg products.  Also, we ask that students, staff, and visitors in our school be cautious with the scented products they use.  Allergy information will continue to be sent home as it becomes available.  We appreciate your cooperation.