Lunch Breaks and Open Campus Policy

Lunch Breaks

All students who are able to go home for lunch and return in time for afternoon classes are allowed to do so.  If students stay at school for lunch, they will be supervised while eating lunch in the Health Hut or in their designated classrooms.

Health Hut and classrooms expectations are as follows:

  • Be respectful and responsible.
  • Use a conversational voice.
  • Remain seated while eating.
  • Follow directions of supervisors.
  • Leave lunch areas clean.

During lunch breaks, supervision is provided inside (Health Hut, student classrooms, gymnasium, library, computer lab) and outside (playground) the school.

Open Campus

Grade 9 to 12 students may leave the school during lunch break and go “uptown” to eat.  Kindergarten to Grade 8 students may not leave the school grounds during the lunch break, unless a parent/guardian picks their child up and signs them out at the office.