Adult Volunteers

As a school division, we are always working to create a safe environment for our students.  Our school division requires criminal records checks for volunteers who are:

  • any person who is a non-parent and is acting as a volunteer for school sponsored activities in Prairie Spirit School Division.
  • any person acting as a volunteer for school sponsored activities that have direct or sole responsibility for providing supervision of students.
  • any person acting as a volunteer for school sponsored overnight activities.

Parent volunteers (including grandparents or legal guardians) who are volunteering and are under the supervision of a PSSD employee do not require a criminal records check if they are simply working in the school on a daily basis.  However, schools may ask parents new or unknown to the school to provide personal references from known community members or provide a criminal records check.

For further information, please see Section 7-8 of PSSD Administrative Policy #501: Criminal Records Checks for Volunteers.

We are proud to work toward creating the safest possible environment for our students.  Your support is appreciated!

Student Volunteers

Students are encouraged to become active volunteers in areas of their choice.  This could be in our school, in our communities, or in other projects (locally, provincially, nationally, or internationally).  The benefits of volunteerism are numerous including being a significant factor when individuals are being considered for post-secondary scholarships.