Lord Asquith School is lucky to have Persephone Theatre returning this year with a couple fantastic plays, Edward the “Crazy Man” and Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest.  We hope that all students will be able to come and enjoy these plays that compliment our ELA curriculuar outcomes.  If parents and community members are interested in attending, please email leanne.gruending@spiritsd.ca.

Edward the “Crazy Man” (Pre K – 6) @ 9am

This production is a humorous and touching story of a special friendship between Charlie, a 12 year old boy and his incredible will to help his homeless friend, Edward the “Crazy Man”. The play challenges our perceptions of mental illness by addressing prejudice, discrimination, homelessness and difference. This production is an excellent vehicle to nurture empathy, understanding and a compassionate view of the homeless.

Beyond the Cuckoo’s Nest (Grade 7-12) @ 12:55

This uplifting play is a frank, real and honest portrayal of Patricia, Jude and Trey, three teens who have been newly diagnosed with mental health issues. Meeting regularly at an early intervention clinic for teenagers to deal with the realities and stigmatization of their newly diagnosed illnesses, they discover and explore the impact they have as the characters navigate through their immediate world of dating, relationships and school work load.


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