Creative Kids Grant

Posted on Jan 22, 2014 in Grants & Funding, Opportunities Outside School
Creative Kids Grant

What We Do and Why

Creative Kids connects children and youth to unique, life-changing artistic and cultural experiences in their community. We provide financial support to Saskatchewan families so all kids have an opportunity to participate in creative activities like drama, art, dance, heritage, and music.
We believe:
  • cultural and creative activities are fundamental to the positive growth and development of children and youth.
  • cultural and creative activities are critical to a healthy, vibrant community.
  • all children and youth should have the opportunity to participate in cultural and creative activities regardless of economic or social barriers.
The Need:
Saskatchewan has one of the highest provincial child poverty rates in Canada. One out of every six Saskatchewan households lives below the poverty line, meaning more than 33,000 children have limited access to essential daily needs and opportunities for positive growth and self-esteem. Many families above the low-income line also have challenges, like job loss or disability that put arts and culture beyond their budget.
We are thankful for social programs that help people meet basic needs to be warm, fed and clothed. We also believe it’s important to feed the spirit. For a child or youth facing financial or social barriers to feel accepted and included, to develop their skills and to follow their dreams, the longed-for chance to make music, paint, act, or dance can be life changing.
That’s where we come in.


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