The Me to We Group will be beginning a new campaign starting Thursday Feb. 27th and ending April 16th.  As the Me to We group is participating in the Free the Children’s WE CREATE CHANGE CAMPAIGN, we will be collecting coins to open doors for children around the world.  Every $20 in change provides a brick for a new school and helps a generation of learners and leaders gain access to education.  Coins will be collected in schoolhouses which our group members will be distributing  on Thursday.  The class with the most bricks at the end of the campaign will be rewarded with an Ice Cream Sundae Party on Thursday April 17th.
We are planning to display the results in the library which will show the building of  “our” school, brick by brick.
$20.00 = 1 brick with your name on it (individually or as a class)
We will be recording the results every week.  See how many bricks you can contribute!
$20.00 = 1 brick
One brick = the cornerstone of education
Education = change for the world
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.
Thank you,
Me to We Group
Mrs. Kucherhan/Mrs. Campbell

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