This year the students at LAS have been maintaining a portfolio that contains samples of┬átheir work from a variety of curriculum areas. The purpose of the portfolio is to assist students, parents and teachers to observe individual progress made over the course of a school term and/or year. By using a portfolio, students have assumed the responsibility for learning how to evaluate their own work and how to set goals for future growth. This term, students will have the opportunity to conduct a “Student-Led Conference”, in where they will present their portfolio.

At LAS we are trying to focus on teaching that is highly interactive, engaging students in making sense of ideas and applying what they learn to help them to think critically, problem solve and become self-directed learners- Learning for Life. One way we hope to accomplish this is through Student-Led Conferences. The students have spent time and effort in preparing and designing their portfolios for the conference. They have specific items to discuss and share with you. During the ten minute conference, each student will share a portfolio of his/her personal work, documenting his/her progress in class.

The “Student-Led Conferences” will be held during our regular parent-teacher conference time.

If you would like more information on Student Led Conferences, please check out some of the links below….


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SLC Pamphlet for LAS




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