To keep our school community safe and engaged, we at LAS have rules and regulations to guide us.


Students who attend Lord Asquith School must have a strong sense of self-discipline and self-respect. They must realize that they have responsibilities to other members of the school community. Living up to these expectations will ensure that each student can derive the maximum benefit from the programs available at Lord Asquith School.
Routines and appropriate student deportment are necessary if the activities of the student population are to be effective. Thus the following expectations are presented to guide students’ behaviour in school:

a) Aim for excellence and neatness;
b) Be conscientious and diligent in work;
c) Show respect for others in the school;
d) Respect the property of the school and people in the school.
Lord Asquith School students are expected to exercise good taste and take pride in their personal appearance. Since the school is considered a place of work, students are expected to dress appropriately when they attend school.

Lord Asquith School seeks a balance between individual freedom of action and freedom from the effect of other students’ actions. Some regulation is required if the activities of approximately 350 people in the building are to be productive. Everyone must realize that they have responsibilities to others. As a rule of thumb, if you are in doubt about your behaviour ask yourself:
“Am I doing anything which will disturb others?”
“Am I breaking any of the rules of common courtesy toward my classmates, the school staff or other citizens of the community?”

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