The Board’s obligation and responsibility regarding the transportation of students is that the Board is responsible for students who are transported by school bus, from the time the students are picked up in the morning and dropped off at home at the end of the day. If a parent approves other arrangements because of appointments, illness, etc., those situations need to be clearly communicated to the school and the bus driver. This includes situations where students might at the upper grade levels provide their own transportation and offer that transportation to fellow students. In those instances, those authorizations must be provided (verbally or otherwise) to the school and the bus driver. Furthermore, bus drivers need to know which students and the number of students on their bus at all times in the event of a serious accident.



  • Riding on a school bus is a privilege, not a right.  We expect excellent behaviour and cooperation from students on our buses, just as we do in classrooms every day.
  • A phone call to the bus driver if your child/children will not be on the bus is very much appreciated to maintain scheduled pickups and drop offs.  We can also avoid needless miles of bus riding for the other children on the bus.
  • Our bus drivers will establish seating arrangements at the start of the fall term and as necessary during the year.
  • Please have your children ready to board the bus five minutes before the designated departure time.  Students should stand back away from the bus when it is approaching the bus stop.  Students should remain facing forward when the bus is in motion.  Inappropriate language is not tolerated.  Upon leaving the bus, if you have to cross the road, you must cross in front of the bus. 
  • Drivers have the right to refuse transportation to any student who is not appropriately dressed for the weather conditions.
  • Drivers will not allow students on the bus who are not on the bus list unless permission has been obtained first.
  • Students are not allowed to take any article on the bus that may be classed as a projectile i.e.: skates/ski boots without protective bags, hockey sticks, toboggans, skateboards, skis and ski poles.
  • Buses depart from the school ten minutes after dismissal time.
  • A student who fails to abide by the rules, or who misbehaves on a bus may be denied bus transportation.
  • Subsequent to consultation with the driver, the principal may suspend a student from riding the bus for up to three days per incident.
  • In the event that the principal recommends a suspension exceeding three days, the Director of Education, or designate will decide on appropriate action to be taken in accordance with Administrative Policy 804 – Discipline.
  • Yard service may be approved if the residence is at least 200 meters from the road allowance (fence line), the access road is of all weather construction, and there is a clear area to enable the bus to turn around without backing up.
  • Bus route time schedules are based on normal driving conditions.  The schedule is to be communicated to parents with the directive that under normal conditions buses will wait no longer than two minutes at any one pickup point, nor will they leave any pickup point ahead of time unless all students are accounted for.          



1. Bus students are under the authority of the bus driver.
2. Yelling, shouting or whistling is not permitted on the bus.
3. It is the obligation of each student to notify the bus driver if that student is not making the return trip on the bus.
4. Students are to move directly into the school from the bus. They are not to get off the bus except at home, school, or when transferring to another bus.
5. Students are expected to take the seat assigned to them by the bus driver and to remain seated at all times.
6. Misbehaviour on the bus may result in the student being barred from the bus.
7. All bus students must have a town billet in case the bus does not run after school. It is important that students and billets each know their respective roles. This is in accordance with division policy.

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