Departure Tomorrow!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to remind you that we are meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00 across from the Air Canada ticket counter. Once the entire group is there, we will all go through to get our boarding passes together. If you are packing tonight, please remember that all prescription medication needs to go in your carry-on bag and all liquids over 100ml (and any under 100ml that don’t fit in your 1L clear plastic bag) need to be packed in your checked suitcase. If you have your own headphones, you should pack them in your carry-on for use on the plane. Your Euros and Pounds should also go with you in your carry-on luggage and remember to pack your passport with your liquids bag at the top of your carry-on so that they’re easy to get to when we go through the airport. Please text me if you have any last- minute questions! See you all in the morning.