Paris – Day 1

We landed safe and soundly earlier this morning in Paris and have completed a wonderful first day of touring! After we dropped our luggage off at the hotel, we left for our walking tour with our very knowledgable guide, Jamil. He took us first to get lunch at a nearby market where we all got to practice our French, then we took a tram and then the Metro to get to downtown Paris. We walked near the Centre Pompidou, the Hôtel de Ville, the Latin Quarter, and to Notre Dame. We had time to visit Notre Dame and the gardens behind it before walking to Flam’s where we enjoyed a delicious meal. A very sleepy group then returned to the hotel via subway, then tram. A beautiful day was enjoyed by all (with more than a few red cheeks thanks to the 20* sunshine today. Have a wonderful night! I’ll update after another full day of touring tomorrow! P.S. Brian is taking a picture so is not with the group in front of Notre Dame!

Safe in Toronto

We have safely arrived in Toronto and have found our departure gate. Our landing was a bit bumpier than our take-off thanks to a local thunderstorm but most of us are now enjoying a bite to eat before we’re called to board our Paris flight!

Departure Tomorrow!

Hello everyone! I just wanted to remind you that we are meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00 across from the Air Canada ticket counter. Once the entire group is there, we will all go through to get our boarding passes together. If you are packing tonight, please remember that all prescription medication needs to go in your carry-on bag and all liquids over 100ml (and any under 100ml that don’t fit in your 1L clear plastic bag) need to be packed in your checked suitcase. If you have your own headphones, you should pack them in your carry-on for use on the plane. Your Euros and Pounds should also go with you in your carry-on luggage and remember to pack your passport with your liquids bag at the top of your carry-on so that they’re easy to get to when we go through the airport. Please text me if you have any last- minute questions! See you all in the morning.

7 Days Until Departure

Hello team! In 7 days, our flight will have just left Saskatoon Airport. This message is a test to be sure that you will be receiving my Blog updates via your email while we are gone on tour. If you would like to be removed from this list, I can absolutely do that. If you have others that you would like for me to add to this list, please e-mail me their e-mail addresses and I will subscribe them to my blog list. Something that I forgot to mention at Sunday’s meeting – the forecast is calling for showers on more than one day while we are in Europe. It would be a terrific idea to pack a small travel umbrella – just in case!

Final Departure Meeting

Wow! Only 9 days until departure! Just a quick reminder that our final departure meeting is tonight at 7:00. It is very important that all travellers attend. I’m looking forward to seeing you then!

74 Days Until Departure

Now that our departure date and our flights have been confirmed, it sure feels like our trip is approaching quickly.  I just wanted to remind all travelers that we will meet on Sunday, January 29 at 6:30. At that time, I would like for everyone to bring their passports so that we can double-check information. Also, at that meeting, I will be giving out copies of our flights as well as updated itineraries.  If you are unable to be at the meeting, please let me know – I will be forwarding information via email but can also send paper copies of all information home via your children. France and England, here we come!

Minneapolis, MN

We have landed in Minneapolis safely – as the British say, “it is raining cats and dogs” here. We landed in a bit of a thunderstorm. Since there were some lightning strikes near the airport, we stayed in the plane on the tarmac for a bit until it was safe for the plane crew to get out there. All flights seem to be departing on time as of right now – if anything changes, we will use the phone tree. See you at 11:15!

Heathrow Airport, London

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport

Hello everyone! We are now waiting to board our flight from London. We went through security without any trouble and they assure us that our flight will be leaving on time. See you tonight!

Departure Day

We are set to leave London tomorrow afternoon around 2:25 local time (7:25am SK time). We will be flying from London to Minneapolis, then Minneapolis to Saskatoon. We are due to arrive in Saskatoon at 11:15pm (local time – please keep in mind that your children may be VERY tired as it will be 6:15am Monday morning London time which is what we will be used to). If any of our flights are delayed, we will use the telephone tree. See you all tomorrow night!