Conversation #2 – 03/25/21

What Resonated With You This Week?

This week we read about athletes, folks in the world of big business, and mindsets in love. What resonated with you this week? Were you challenged? Were your beliefs confirmed?

How Was Your Week?

When we were last together you were invited to be on the lookout for moments when you were in either a fixed mindset or in a growth mindset. Before we chat about what we noticed last week, have a look at this video. It is silly, but how does this relate to mindsets?

How Do We Impact Their Mindset

We work with people all the time, some young, others not so young. At #WaldheimSchool we talk all the time about impact. Here is another quick video to watch (this one is not silly) and as you do, I’d like you to think about how one man’s actions helped the young singer get ‘unstuck’.

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