fall-leaves-treeHopefully the results from the Jays and Riders didn’t dampen an otherwise pleasant weekend for you too much.  I’m excited to hear how our volleyball teams did over the weekend as things are really starting to gear up for playoffs.
From all accounts, parent/student/teacher (PST) conferences went very well, and the organizing of meals by Sandi & Renaye was greatly appreciated.

Here’s what you can expect this week:


We will be doing our bus evacuation drills today, please listen for announcements calling you down to the front entrance

We will be having a staff meeting/PD meeting after school, please refer to the information Ron sent on Friday morning

Tuesday – Thursday:

Business as usual

Friday, Saturday:

Sr. Boys & Girls volleyball teams will host their annual home tournament

This article had me reflecting on our PST conferences, and I was thinking about what I usually share during these meetings.  I spend a portion discussing what has happened up to the conference and then some time talking about goals for the future.  Maybe I need to spend less time on the past and more on the future?  I do know that I need to involve student voice more in these conferences, and that will be a goal for our next round. What are somethings that you do that make your PST conferences effective?  How can some of the statements from MPSC be actualized in an effective PST conference?  Feel free to start the conversation below by clicking the comment icon.

As always, create a great week!

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