April 25th – April 29th

This past week at our monthly ALT meeting, we had the privilege of working for the morning with Cris Tovani (@ctovani) to discuss student and adult learning, engagement, and literacy. During our discussion on engagement the terms emotional engagement, behavioral engagement and cognitive engagement were introduced. We were asked to think about those terms, and we were asked… Read More April 25th – April 29th

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April 18 – April 22

Well, well, it feels like summer is knocking on the door. It was great to spend the whole weekend outside with the kids as the older ones rediscovered toys tucked away in the fall, while the twins continue to struggle with learning how to ride tricycles. Hopefully your weekend brought some well deserved rest, or… Read More April 18 – April 22

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April 11th – 15th

Drama week has come and gone, and Jamie and her crew worked tirelessly to put on two performances of Romeo and Julie and Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark. Jamie’s dedication to the drama team allows other students to grab the spotlight (pardon the pun) and discover their talents. Activities such as drama, robotics, choral speaking,… Read More April 11th – 15th

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