03-16-11-ThingsThatMatterChart-FeatureJust like the monkey said after he ran over his tail with a lawn mower, “it won’t be long now”. We are certainly on the home stretch as we wind up the 2015-16 school year, and last week was another example of what a tremendous school community we have. The SRC summer-fest was a great success, culminating in an epic slip-and-slide ball tournament. I’m sure many players (young and old) were feeling the effects of the many spills they took, all in the name of house points. It was great to see so many parents involved in activities this week, from field trips to Wednesday’s hamburger fund-raiser, to 4-6 track and field on Friday. Speaking of track and field, we have a great crop of track athletes moving up to the high-school in the next few years, I’m looking forward to seeing how they do in the future.


SCC letting the town know the burgers are ready

If you recall from the May 30th edition of On the Horizon, the topic of gathering feedback for reflection was the topic of the blog post. This edition will be similar given the fact that our staff meeting on Monday, 13th will be a chance for us to reflect on the year together. I hope you had a chance to offer Jamie some feedback via the survey she created, not only will it help us move forward next year, it will provide Jamie with some information for herself as she continues to grow professionally.

In the first learning link Tesia Marshik challenges us to look at the science behind learning styles and the importance of critical self-reflection. It was the conclusion of her talk that had me really thinking about how I lead and how I teach. Why do I lead the way I do? Is it simply because it is what I believe is the best way, or do I have proof? This also applies to how I teach. Do I teach the way I do because it has worked in the past? Or is it because I’ve heard the strategies I use have worked for others? Do I teach the way I do because it fits who I am, or do I teach the way I do because it fits who my students are? Take some time to watch the video, I’d love to hear your comments.

Burger time!

Burger time!

Of course any sort of reflecting without involving your students would seem futile, after all they have been your audience all year. In the second learning link David Cutler (@spinedu)discusses strategies he employs to gather information and use it to improve as a teacher. One of his suggestions is using his personal learning network to connect with teachers during the year and over the summer months. As you reflect on your year, think about your PLN, has it grown? Have you offered advice to others in your PLN?

The final, and in my opinion the most important learning link is a short, simple video that reminds us what is important in life. Keep things in perspective!

Here is a look ahead at the week to come:


  • Staff meeting (3:15)


  • Grade 9 drama production
  • Bruce gone (pm only) ~ Assessment book study


  • Hot dog Lunch


  • Physics 30 presentations (am)
  • Sheppard’s Villa Lunch ($2.00 by donation)


  • Ron gone (all day)

As always, create a GREAT week!


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