June 19th – 23rd

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there! I hope your day was a great as mine, I had an incredible weekend in the company of my family, which is always nice. On Friday night we had the twins’ 4th birthday celebration (their actual birthday is on Tuesday, 20th), and that was as wild as you can imagine a party for twins would be…lots of gift wrap and cake crumbs 🙂 On Saturday, I took the kids to the movie Cars 3, which was really interesting as the first Cars movie was one of Bobby’s early favorites, and one he has watched repeatedly in the van or on TV. I think he even got a little tear in his eye at one point, lots of fun! Today was another wonderful day as the kids and I ventured up to Waskesiu for the day. This gave us some time to play and explore, while leaving the house nice and quiet for Krista as she’s working nights at RUH. Needless to say, I’m a tad bit tired tonight, so this will be a bit of a shorter post.

David and I were marveling at the incredible feeling around the school this week, between the Jones Awards, the ball tournament, the elementary swimming, and the commitment to learning each and every day. While we were at the CAP conference last month, I jotted a note down in my book as this thought popped in my head, “how do you measure the unmeasurable?” Last week was one of those weeks, one where there was such a high level of student engagement, but engagement that does not get measured or reported on through any  surveys. I was amazed at the level of engagement at the Jones Awards as the students who dared, put their talents on display. Not every piece was performed flawlessly, but the students didn’t care, they cheered just as loud for each and every one. Not sure how to quantify how my heart felt during those performances. At the ball tournament, students of all abilities and ages took part in a student organized, student lead activity. Kids were coming and going from the tournament, and there was never a sense of students getting into mischief, or looking for ways to create problems. As David and I watched we were so impressed with the incredibly positive choices every student was making. Not sure how to quantify how my heart felt during those games.

What last week reminded me of was how blessed we all are to be working with such amazing students. This is the result of the culture you have fostered. You have given the students the power and desire to lead, thank you for that! As you take time over the next two weeks to reflect on the year that was, I invite you to think about which students you have really connected with, and the impact you have had on them. I’d also like you to think about the impact they have had on you. How have your students changed you this year? How have they made you a better teacher? Will you tell them? Thank them?

Here is what lies ahead this week:


  • Staff meeting (3 pm)


  • Celebration of Excellence Ceremony (1 pm)


  • 4/5 Hardy to Shekinah
  • Kindergarten Grad
  • Gr. 1 Science Fair


  • Kindergarten Grad


  • Swimming, swimming, swimming!
  • Farewell luncheon
  • Final exams (day 1)

As always, create a great week!

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  • June 19, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Thank you for starting the week with such positive reflections. Sounds like you had a super father’s day. Good job. JoAnne

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