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Biology 30 – Thursday May 11, 2017

Today, work on the following: Finish dissection presentations. Work on the Reproduction Strategies Questions.

Physics 30 – May 8, 2017

Today in Physics you can work on the following: Finish your Marshmallow Catapult Report. Read the notes on Momentum. Start the Momentum Practice Questions.

Physics 30 – April 4, 2017

Today, there is an inclined friction question that can be found on the Physics 30 page. This should be completed and handed in.

Physics 30 App

To capture slow motion video with a time counter, try the Ubersense App. Alternatively, Coach’s Eye is also very good, but requires purchase.

Bio30 – Monday March 6

For today, complete the Evolution Quiz, then go to Bio 30 webpage and: Complete the Cell Review Assignment Complete the Researching Archaeans assignment

Biology 30 – February 6, 2017

Work for Monday February 6th: Complete a Narrative Lab Report for the “Is Yeast Alive?” lab. (Hand-in on Tuesday February 7th.) Work on the Understandings of Life Research Assignment

Science 9 – Exploring Our Universe Unit Project

The outline for the Exploring Our Universe Unit Project is now posted on the Science 9 page.

December 8 – Health Science 20

Today, if you finish the exam, you can read through the nutrition notes and print off/work on the nutrition assignment #1. As well, you should be doing some work to list the foods you been eating today and into the… Continue Reading →

Health Science 20 – November 21, 2016

Today you begin work on the last portion of the Human Body systems portion of the course. The assignment for today (titled “Human Body Systems Research Assignment”) can be found on the Health Science 20 page. You will need to… Continue Reading →

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