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Science 9 – Telling the Story

There is a resource called “Telling the Story” listed on the Science 9 page for the “Heavy Metals in Fish” assignment. Check it out!

Science 9 – Chemistry Unit Exam

The chemistry unit exam will be on Thursday November 17th. The exam outline can be found on the Science 9 page.

Health Science – November 16, 2016

For today, do the following: Read through the notes on Immunity and the Lymphatic System Print off and do the questions on Immunity and the Lymphatic System Don’t forget that I would like the questions from the circulatory system completed… Continue Reading →

Science 9 – November 8th Assignment

Today you will need a partner to work on the Heavy Metals Inquiry Assignment. You can click the link to access the writeup and the assignment, or go to the Science 9 page to find the assignment. You will need… Continue Reading →

Health Science 20: September 12/13, 2016

For these two days, work on the following: Complete your position paper on mandatory immunization of Canadian children. (Analyze using the Core Ethical Questions.) Start gathering information that will help you answer this question: Should Canada allow private, for profit,… Continue Reading →

Science 9 – Tuesday September 13

Work on the Atomic Theory Research Assignment, which can be found on the Science 9 page.

Chemistry May 24-25

P. 218-219: Do questions 2-8. P. 251-253: Do questions 1-6, and 8-11. Be sure to get a copy of the May 24-25 letter, the new “Table of Relative Strengths…” and the Ka/Kb/Kw Cheat Sheet.

Physical Science – Final Project

The outline for the final project is now available on the Physical Science 20 page.

December 7 – PE 7/8

Work on the video for basketball skills. Be sure to explain your skill with at least three important points.

December 7 – Physical Science

Check out the Physical Science 20 page for Transfer of Heat Practice Questions.

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