First Day of School

School Start Dates:

Due to Covid the start dates of Schools have been staggered by last names

A-L will attend: Tuesday, September 8th & Thursday, September 10th.

M-Z will attend: Wednesday, September 9th & Friday, September 11th.

Getting to Your child’s Classroom

Parents may walk their children to the boot room door, but not enter the boot room.  We ask that you always maintain appropriate social distancing A staff member will meet you at the doors on the first day of school and will walk your child to their classroom to meet their teacher.

I will be in my classroom waiting to greet your child and help them to unpack.

What to Pack on the First Day?

Please Bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch Kit
  • Morning Snack
  • Face masks (Pack 3 Extra)
  • Indoor Shoes
  • Pencil Box (pencils & earsers)
  • Markers/ crayons/ pencil crayons

Bring all the school supplies that you can fit into your child’s backpack on the first day. Anything that does not fit on the first day can be brought in the next few days. Due to Covid we are asking that all items be labelled.

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