All students are encouraged to wear a mask at school. Students will have mask breaks and be able to remove their masks if proper distancing can be maintained. Masks are not a requirement for K-3, but are highly encouraged. All students taking the bus will need to wear a mask.

Masks are to be taken home and cleaned daily.

At the direction of the teacher, students will be allowed to remove their masks when:

  • Seated in their desk and facing forward.
  • Outside
  • In the gym.
  • Eating Snack & Lunch

Please pack 3 extra masks in ziplock bag in your child’s backpack .

Water Bottles

Students must have a water bottle at school as all water founts will be disabled.

Water bottles are to be taken home and cleaned daily.

If a student forgets their water bottle at home, they will be provided with a disposable cup for the day.

Hand Sanitizer

We will be learning about proper hand washing and taking time to frequently wash our hands between activities.

Each classroom has a large bottle of hand sanitizer.

You can send your child their own personal hand sanitizer in their back pack if you feel it is suitable for your child.

Social Distancing

Our desks in the classroom have been spaced out and we will be learning about how to properly socially distance at school when walking in the hall and standing in lines.

Sick Days

We want to encourage your to make your families health a top priority this year. Children need to stay home if they have cold/flu/covid symptoms. Please call the office at 306-683-5200 or email kelly.leidl@spiritsd.ca and we can discuss a plan to support your child’s learning while they recover at home. Please contact the school if you have any questions regarding this.

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