The Outsiders Final Project

We’ve completed reading the Outsiders with our ELA 9/10 class and are currently watching the movie. We have also begun looking at our final project for this unit, which consists of three parts: an essay, a creative project, and the chapter worksheets. I have attached the handout for your reference. The due date will be January 15th, so students are encouraged to work on this at home over the Christmas break, in addition to the class time that they will receive both before and after the break.

The Outsiders Final Project

History research project

Students are working on a research project in History 30 right now that is due on Tuesday, December 12. Students were to create a timeline of at least 6 events that occurred between the time that Europeans first arrived in Canada through to 1811. Events were to be chosen based on their importance to the formation of Canada. Timelines should include pictures, a description of the event, an explanation as to why it is one of the most significant events, and a list of resources used. This is a major project and is expected to contain a substantial amount of work, as we have been working on it for a few weeks.

Country research project

Students in grades 4 & 5 have been working on a new research project in social studies! Each student has chosen a country and is researching the culture and life for youth in that country. Students will present their research either on a poster or in a video.

The Hobbit

Grades 7/8 have been reading the Hobbit the past few weeks. We are working our way through the book while filling out worksheets. On the worksheets we: summarize the chapter, look up definitions for vocabulary words, answer comprehension questions, and look at discussion questions.

ELA 9/10 Test

We’ve got a test on Monday, December 4th! It will cover concepts from the beginning of the year, focusing on indigenous stories and Norse mythology. The test will be open book. Students should prepare by going through their booklet and making sure all of their answers and frames are filled in. I also encourage students to answer the “What have you learned?” questions on page 55 of the booklet:

  1. Why do people tell stories and tales (their narratives – folk tales, legends, fables, proverbs)?
  2. How do these stories and tales help people understand the world?
  3. What lessons do we learn about people through these stories and tales?
  4. How are these stories and tales from around the world alike and different?
  5. Why is it important for each generation to hear and tell these tales?
  6. Why did these stories endure the test of time?

Test will be a combination of short and long answer questions. Good luck!