Yearbooks from WWII

Click the following link and click on different book covers to view several different yearbooks from 1944.

Yearbooks from WWII

Reflect on how they are similar and how they are different from what our yearbook will look like this year. Try to understand the perspective of the students graduating that year: What was their school year like? How has the war affected their lives? What will life be like after graduation? What are their hopes and plans for the future?

Write a journal entry from the perspective of a student graduating in 1944. Try to imagine what they were thinking and feeling, and how that may be similar to how you feel as you are about to graduate. How might it be different? In the journal entry reflect on the end of high school and talk about plans for the future as well.


End of Semester 1!

Congratulations everyone, we’ve made it to the end of the first semester which means this school year is already halfway done! Q2 report cards will be going out next week for students in grades 7-12.

When second semester starts on Thursday I will be teaching grade 4/5 math, which means I get to be with them all afternoon! I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. Unfortunately that means that I won’t be teaching ELA 9/10 anymore, as they will be spending second semester with Mrs. Moen.


I hope you are all enjoying your day off for semester turn-around!

History research project

Students are working on a research project in History 30 right now that is due on Tuesday, December 12. Students were to create a timeline of at least 6 events that occurred between the time that Europeans first arrived in Canada through to 1811. Events were to be chosen based on their importance to the formation of Canada. Timelines should include pictures, a description of the event, an explanation as to why it is one of the most significant events, and a list of resources used. This is a major project and is expected to contain a substantial amount of work, as we have been working on it for a few weeks.

Becoming Experts: Ch 2 Assignment

Today in class we assigned students to do a presentation in partners that is due the first day back after they complete their work experience. Students selected a topic from Chapter 2 of the textbook (Vikings, Cabot, Cartier, Champlain, Frobisher, Hudson) and are to become “experts” on their chosen topic so they can educate the class.

Presentations must include:

  • Who they are?
  • Where they are from?
  • Where did they go (specifics)?
  • Why did they come?
  • What was life like before their contact with the First Nations people?
  • What was life like after their contact with the First Nations people?
  • What was the lasting impact of arrival in Canada?
  • How were they received at the time?
  • How does history view them?

Much of this information can be found in our textbook, but students may have to do some research on their own. Presentations will be done in class the first day back.

Have fun at work experience!

Lots of fun activities this week!

On Wednesday, Sept 27 the SRC has planned a pajama day! So wear your comfiest pajamas to school that day! And we have ANOTHER Spirit day on Friday, with the theme being sporting outfits. There will be activities in the gym at noon for students as well! Friday is also our Terry Fox Walk in the afternoon, so students should be prepared to go for a walk outside.