End of Semester 1!

Congratulations everyone, we’ve made it to the end of the first semester which means this school year is already halfway done! Q2 report cards will be going out next week for students in grades 7-12.

When second semester starts on Thursday I will be teaching grade 4/5 math, which means I get to be with them all afternoon! I’m really looking forward to this opportunity. Unfortunately that means that I won’t be teaching ELA 9/10 anymore, as they will be spending second semester with Mrs. Moen.


I hope you are all enjoying your day off for semester turn-around!

Country research project

Students in grades 4 & 5 have been working on a new research project in social studies! Each student has chosen a country and is researching the culture and life for youth in that country. Students will present their research either on a poster or in a video.

Halloween research posters

Halloween Information: Read and take the quiz!  http://www.5minuteenglish.com/oct29.htm

Even more information about Halloween: http://www.kiddyhouse.com/Themes/halloween/halloween.html

Students will be doing research about Halloween and creating posters for the classroom with their information. Topics will be assigned in class.

Topics include:

  • Why is it called “Halloween”?
  • Why is Halloween on October 31st?
  • Why do people dress in costumes for Halloween?
  • Why do people go trick or treating on Halloween?
  • Why do we carve pumpkins for Halloween?
  • Who started celebrating Halloween?
  • Why does Halloween take place in the fall?
  • What are some examples of “tricks” that people play at Halloween?
  • What are some types of “treats” that people receive on Halloween?
  • How has Halloween changed over the years into the celebration we know today?


Fun with geography

In social 4/5 we have been continuing our study of world geography. First, we worked on learning how to use Google Earth, then we learned about the continents, oceans, and hemispheres. We are now learning the basics of how precipitation, temperature, and population can be related to geographical locations.

Have a great long weekend!

Lots of fun activities this week!

On Wednesday, Sept 27 the SRC has planned a pajama day! So wear your comfiest pajamas to school that day! And we have ANOTHER Spirit day on Friday, with the theme being sporting outfits. There will be activities in the gym at noon for students as well! Friday is also our Terry Fox Walk in the afternoon, so students should be prepared to go for a walk outside.

Social 4/5

In grade 4/5 social studies we have been learning about different ways to view our world. We have explored using Google Earth and it is really cool! We have also drawn a map of Colonsay and worked with maps of the world.