Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will the school year calendar for Pike Lake stay the same?
Yes. The Ministry of Education has stated that school calendars are to remain as set for this school year. Pike Lake School’s calendar has the following dates to note: 

  • April 10 – 17- Easter Break
  • April 20 – Day in Lieu
  • April 21 – Classes Resume

2. When will Book Bundles of Just Right books for the children be ready?Currently, we are to creating the Book Bundles as we schedule days teachers can access the school. Protocols for accessing the school and distributing resources have been created by our School Division and must be strictly adhered to by staff. An email was sent out to all families to choose a time to pick up the bundles. If you have not picked a time please go to

3. Will my child move onto the next grade?
Yes. All K – 9 students in Saskatchewan will progress to the next grade in the upcoming school year. Knowing this and understanding that Supplementary Learning at home is not like daily learning at school, teachers will prepare for and adjust to student learning needs in the fall.