EAL Promising Practices Forum Links

EAL Promising Practices - Aprol 29th

PSSD EAL Promising Practices Fourm (April 29th) PowerPoint – This is a copy of PSSD’s PowerPoint from the EAL Promising Practices Forum presented on April 29th, 2015. The links below explain some of the work we have accomplished using the ministries EAL Assessment Grants.

CFR Data Wall

CFR Data Wall Link (still need to attach) – This is a link to the CFR Data Wall webpage we created. This website lets you enter a student’s name, grade, and CFR scores. It then produce a one page CFR summary page. We call this page a “Data Wall”.  It is intended to be used by classroom teachers as an “at-a-glance-report.” Our hope is that this Data Wall will make the CFR targets more easily understood, and that teachers will be better able to use the CFR as a formative assessment. This is still a draft document.


Creating Welcoming Schools

Creating Welcoming Classrooms – This document suggests ways teachers can welcome students into their classrooms and way to support a smooth emotional and academic transition. It focuses on the first few days of school and ways teachers can adapt their instruction/planning/and lessons for EAL students.


Reception and Orientation Document (still need to upload) – This document outlines procedures for schools to take when enrolling, welcoming, and orientating new EAL students.

Initial Assessment Image

New Initial EAL Assessment 2014 (Updated April 28, 2015) – This is the Initial Assessment we modified from the work done by SECSD.

Oral Assessment

Initial Oral Assessment – This document can be used by teachers as an initial oral assessment and to help them learn more about the child’s life, family, previous schooling, and language ability. It is meant to be used before the more formal Initial Assessment is done.


EAL progress report

ENGLISH AS AN ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE PROGRESS REPORT (K-5) – This is a blank template of PSSD’s EAL progress report insert that some of our EAL staff have started using. It is still in draft stage.