No Intermediate Band Next Monday afterschool – OCT 5th – Senior Retreat Rehearsal


   Next weeks rehearsals (October 5th) will be for Seniors only and will be in a retreat setting held at Allan during regular band time. Intermediate Band students will have no rehearsal but will be set an assignment in its place..students will be advised in class but what this space and the Intermediate assignment tab for more info.
 The goals of the senior retreat are to both give students a chance to get to know each other and bond as a team, but also to work on some core concepts and understand the goals Mr.Ward, Ms. Klippenstein and myself will be setting for them throughout the year and how we plan to get there.
– Students arrive in Allan 4:15
– 4:15- 5:00 Introduction/Full Rehearsal/Band Concepts
– 5-7pm Bowling/Sectional Activities
– 7:00pm Pack down and depart
The rehearsals and activities will be held at Allan Bowl (328 Main St, Allan)  supper will be provided there. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF STUDENTS HAVE ANY FOOD ALLERGIES. The students will be having pizza for supper.
Bussing – Students will take Buses as normal with the exception of Allan Students who will just remain in Allan School until rehearsal time and Clavet Students who will need to wait at Clavet for the Aberdeen Bus to pick them up between 3:30 and 4:00pm. The retreat will end at 7pm (half and hour early) to allow time for the buses to return to their home communities at the regular weekly time.
What to bring: Instrument, Music, Pencil, Planners, Money for drinks/snacks if wanted. Pizza and one can of pop/juice will be provided there.


Squeak and Squawk recap and other news..

Hello again,

 Thank you to everyone that made it out to our Squeak and Squawk night and Open House last night. A big congratulations to all performers last night firstly the solos and duets on various instruments from piano, ukelele to guitar and solo voice and secondly to all ensembles but especially our beginner band students who showed they learned lots in an hour and half. All three ensembles set strong performing markers with very little preparation which bodes well for an exciting year.  For those of you that didn’t manage to make it or didn’t pick up our monthly newsletter (Preludes) last night, I have attached a copy.
Please read on below for some important news items for the coming weeks:

  • Next weeks Monday rehearsal is a Senior only Band RetreatThere is no Intermediate Winds or Jazz Band rehearsals next week (OCTOBER 5th). Regular rehearsals will resume on the 19th of October. The senior retreat will be held in Allan – All seniors will get on busses as normal. Clavet Seniors will be picked up between 3:30-3:45 by the Aberdeen bus. Students will be returned to their home schools at the regular rehearsal time and will be fed in Allan.
  • Check the blogsite for updates over the next couple of weeks. We have had issues logging on to the server but please look out for the following appearing soon:
  1. All student age groups will have weekly practice assignments and coursework due posted on the site under the “About” tab. This should inform both the students and parents/guardians as to what work has been set in class and serve as a recap.
  2. Rehearsal notes will also be posted after each rehearsal which gives students feedback on each rehearsal, recaps talking points and addresses individual instrument sections for areas to improve.
  3.  We are working on a built in mailing list on the website that will notify subscribers of page updates and band news. The software is ready to go but it needs installing.
  • Dave Carter – Coordinator of Schools and Learning was present at Clavet to address parents on the future direction and growth of music education in Prairie Spirit School Division. Here are the highlights of his speech.
                 – We are excited to continue offering Band instruction in our schools.
                – We are also excited to now have some stability and consistency in our programs.
              – We do however want input from parents and students on their visions of music education and in ways to both make the program more efficient and to grow the existing programs further.
 Dave is encouraging all parents forward any ideas to him, or if you have any questions, contact him at Your input is vital to maintain the growth of music education.
  • Beginning Instruments – Any Parents or Students still needing an instrument are again encouraged to Contact Mr. Ward or Mr. Martin to let them know so we can help in anyway possible. All beginner classes will be involving instruments from here forward. Check your schedules (on the schedules tab) to know when to bring your music, instruments, pencils etc. 

         Below are a couple of ideas to help students starting out:

        – Use the method book DVD – there are videos and examples of how to set up your instrument and how to make your first sounds

        – Use the fingering charts in the front of the book to find which notes relate to which fingering

        –  Have the students test themselves on note name recognition and fingering using flash cards (found online) –

– You can see a copy of Anna Shearer (from Allans) Piano composition that she wrote and performed last night, here: 

Thank you again for your support: 

Will Martin                           AJ Ward                      Amy Klippenstein

Squeak and Squawk – Music Program Open House

Monday, September 28th 18th ANNUAL “SQUEAK & SQUAWK” and Open House


WHAT: The Squeak and Squawk is an annual fall welcome back for the PSSD East music department combined with Beginning Band start up. In one night beginners are taught basic introductions to their instrument, how to assemble and clean their instrument and how to correctly play their first few notes. Then students will have their first performance at the end of the night! The Squeak and Squawk is an equivalent of two weeks of normal class instruction rolled into one night, so attendance is vital.

This night also combines a chance for parents to meet the teachers and the Band Parents AGM. Refreshments will be available.

WHERE: Clavet Composite School, Clavet. When students come into the building they will pick up their music book and instrument (if rented and not already collected from St.Johns Music). Students will then be directed to their clinic rooms for each instrument. Beginner students will need to be transported to and from the event. Intermediate and Seniors will be bussed to Clavet after school for rehearsal but will need transport home.

WHEN: All Beginners should aim to arrive between 5:30 and 5:45 so they can begin their clinics at 6pm. Senior students will be making presentations about each instrument at 5:45pm


  • 5:30-5:45pm – Students arrive at Clavet.
  • 6pm (- 7:30pm) – Students take part in the squeak and squawk clinics
  • 6:15pm – 7:15pm – Meet the Teachers (Mr Ward, Ms. Klippenstein and Mr. Martin will be on hand to answer any questions about the band program)
  • 7:15pm – Band Parents Association A.G.M.
  • 7:30pm – 2015 Squeak and Squawk Mini Concert (Intermediate/Senior/Beginner Bands)


  • Instrument and accessories (ex: reeds if applicable)
  • All Instrument Cleaning Supplies
  • Bottle of Water
  • Pencil/Eraser
  • Regular casual dress for all students
  • If you need an instrument please contact Mr Martin or Mr Ward as soon as possible (


Happy New School Year! – Rehearsals start back tonight (September 14th)

Prairie Spirit East Music Programs

It is with great excitement that we are enrolling for another year of music classes in the Prairie Spirit East seven communities! With the East Division rehearsal set to resume next Monday, September 14, 2015, we are making plans for many more exciting musical opportunities in the coming year.  These are some opportunities you will not want to miss!

It is never too late to start or return to exploring music within the division’s musical community.  All students from grade 5-12 are welcome to join, whether you are in the beginning stages of learning an instrument, or have had some past musical experiences and desire to return to an instrument.

Please contact Mr. Martin at or Mr. Ward at if you have any questions, and to confirm your place in the music program this year.

             Why study music?

  • Sharpens memory
  • Helps in the study of languages
  • Improves handwriting
  • It helps with emotional expression
  • Improves intellectual ability
  • Teaches you discipline
  • Gives you a sense of achievement
  • Relieves stress
  • Helps improve your musical tastes
  • It’s fun!

Please see the attached information package for more benefits the studying music.

While Beginner Band is taught exclusively within the regular school day,  Intermediate, Senior and Jazz Bands rehearsals are also held at Clavet for all seven schools on Monday evenings, giving the students to both experience playing in a larger group and making new friends from different communities and backgrounds!

Please feel free to attend our open house and Squeak and Squawk event at Clavet on Monday September 28th for more information about our band program, and to experience our music program in action.  We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,

Mr. Martin/Ms. Klippenstein                                                                Mr. Ward

Aberdeen, Allan, Clavet, Colonsay, South Corman Park                       Dundurn, Hanley