Clavet Band Classes Date Change

Because of some scheduling difficulties, we have had to reschedule the Clavet band classes to a different day.  Clavet band classes this week will be on Thursday, December 3rd, instead of Wednesday, December 2nd.  We will have our Intermediate Winds in Period 1, ALL Beginners (both Stewart and Cooke’s classes) in Period 2, and Seniors in Period 3.  We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, and we hope that you will be patient with the band classes, as this is a very busy time of year for everyone!

No other school’s band classes will be affected.  Have a wonderful week!

Senior and Intermediate Assignment (Clavet, Aberdeen, Colonsay, Allan)

Before the Winter Break before Christmas-time, the Intermediate and Senior Students have been given one last assignment to hand-in.  This assignment involves the students handing in a recording of some of their pieces.  Students have been informed in their classes of the categories in which they will be marked:  Notes/Rhythms, Articulations, Tone, Dynamics, and Intonation (Senior only).  They will be receiving a print version of the marking rubric this week in class.  They must email their assignment to Ms. Klippenstein at, or hand it in on a USB stick in class.  This assignment is due by this Friday, December 4.  If technology is unavailable for students to hand-in this assignment, other live assessment options are available, but the student must come speak to Ms. Klippenstein first.  Note that it is ideal to send in a recording to Ms. Klippenstein, as there are more opportunities to correct the fine details in the recording than a live session.

Here are the other details needed for this assignment:

  1. Intermediates – The following passages must be sent:
    1. Whirlwind – Rehearsal letter G to rehearsal letter H.
    2. Jolly Old Sleigh Ride – measures 29 to the end.
  2. Seniors – The following passages must be sent:
    1. The Cave You Fear – measures 75 to 96.
    2. Christmas at the Circus – measures 58 to 84.
    3. Vitae Lux – rehearsal letter D to rehearsal letter F

Winter Concert – Dec. 7

As we approach December, it is time for our seasonal winter concert!  We are looking forward to showcasing the talents and hard work the students have put in to their music.  Our concert will be at 7:00 P.M. on December 7th, at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon.  There are a few details below about our concert that should be taken into account.  PLEASE take note of a time change for the beginners (as well as an added detail about pick-up for everyone) from the note sent home.

  1. Please wear concert dress to the concert.
    1. Beginners – White dress shirt, black pants, black shoes.
    2. Intermediate – Black concert shirt, black pants, black shoes.
    3. Seniors – White concert shirt, black pants, black shoes.
  2. Please arrive at the following time for a pre-concert rehearsal:
    1. Beginners – You will need to find transportation for yourself to and from the rehearsal.  Please arrive at Lakeview Church at 5:50. This will enable the beginner rehearsal to begin at 6:00.  Remember that car-pooling is an option for those parents who cannot provide the students with transportation.
    2. Intermediate and Senior Winds – Buses that normally bring students to Clavet will instead take students straight to Lakeview Church after school.  You must bring a lunch as usual.  In addition, students WILL NOT be bused back to their home communities after the concert.  Parents/guardians must arrange for alternate transportation for the students after the concert (or come to the concert so they can pick them up!)

Here is a copy of the letter we handed out to students at our last full rehearsal of the year:

Winter Concert Letter 2015

directions to lakeview churchdirections to lakeview church - zoomed

November Newsletter

There have been many events and special events that have happened recently in our PSSD East band program.  We would like to highlight a few of these major events in our newsletter.  Take a look at our newsletter below for details about recent events, upcoming events, Band Parent Association news, and a neat word search puzzle!

November Newsletter:

Preludes: November 2015

Clinician/Photo Band Rehearsal Nov. 23

We have an exciting opportunity for all of our band students (Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior) this coming Monday, November 23, 2015 at Clavet School.  Please take note the arrival times, uniform instructions, and pictures information below.
As our Winter Concert fast approaches on December 7th, we have a VERY important evening of rehearsals coming up on November 23.  We are very privileged to have a special guest conductor to work the Intermediate and Senior Bands for the evening.  Tom Davoren is a prestigious conductor and adjudicator from the UK ( and will work with both the Intermediate and Senior bands on their concert repertoire.  This will also be the first chance since the Squeak and Squawk for our Beginning band to rehearse together from 7:15-8:15 pm.  Again, it is extremely important for all students in Senior, Intermediate, and Beginning Band to attend.
Intermediates and Seniors will be bused to Clavet as normal, but Beginners will need to find their own transportation to and from the rehearsal.
In addition to the rehearsals, this is our annual Photo Night for the band programs.  Students will have a picture taken with their whole respective ensemble.  There will also be an opportunity for students to have individual pictures taken with their instrument.  If you wish to purchase pictures (group or individual), please click on  the form at the bottom of this post for a copy of the form to fill out. This form must be filled-out and given to the band directors before the beginning of the band rehearsal for students on Monday night.
Rehearsal Schedule
4:00-6:15 INT arrive/rehearsal/pictures; INT should wear full black uniform, and vests (and newly ordered shirts) will be distributed at rehearsal
5:25-7:15 SEN arrive/pictures/rehearsal; SEN should wear their white shirt/black bottoms uniform, and vests will be distributed at rehearsal.  Shirts were distributed at last rehearsal to those who were there, and the others will receive it at tomorrow’s rehearsal.
7:00-8:15 BEG pictures/rehearsal; BEG should wear a white shirt/black pants/black shoes uniform.
Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your director with any questions.
Best wishes,
Mr. Martin ( / Ms. Klippenstein (