Clinician/Photo Band Rehearsal Nov. 23

We have an exciting opportunity for all of our band students (Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior) this coming Monday, November 23, 2015 at Clavet School.  Please take note the arrival times, uniform instructions, and pictures information below.
As our Winter Concert fast approaches on December 7th, we have a VERY important evening of rehearsals coming up on November 23.  We are very privileged to have a special guest conductor to work the Intermediate and Senior Bands for the evening.  Tom Davoren is a prestigious conductor and adjudicator from the UK ( and will work with both the Intermediate and Senior bands on their concert repertoire.  This will also be the first chance since the Squeak and Squawk for our Beginning band to rehearse together from 7:15-8:15 pm.  Again, it is extremely important for all students in Senior, Intermediate, and Beginning Band to attend.
Intermediates and Seniors will be bused to Clavet as normal, but Beginners will need to find their own transportation to and from the rehearsal.
In addition to the rehearsals, this is our annual Photo Night for the band programs.  Students will have a picture taken with their whole respective ensemble.  There will also be an opportunity for students to have individual pictures taken with their instrument.  If you wish to purchase pictures (group or individual), please click on  the form at the bottom of this post for a copy of the form to fill out. This form must be filled-out and given to the band directors before the beginning of the band rehearsal for students on Monday night.
Rehearsal Schedule
4:00-6:15 INT arrive/rehearsal/pictures; INT should wear full black uniform, and vests (and newly ordered shirts) will be distributed at rehearsal
5:25-7:15 SEN arrive/pictures/rehearsal; SEN should wear their white shirt/black bottoms uniform, and vests will be distributed at rehearsal.  Shirts were distributed at last rehearsal to those who were there, and the others will receive it at tomorrow’s rehearsal.
7:00-8:15 BEG pictures/rehearsal; BEG should wear a white shirt/black pants/black shoes uniform.
Thank you for your support.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your director with any questions.
Best wishes,
Mr. Martin ( / Ms. Klippenstein (