Before the Winter Break before Christmas-time, the Intermediate and Senior Students have been given one last assignment to hand-in.  This assignment involves the students handing in a recording of some of their pieces.  Students have been informed in their classes of the categories in which they will be marked:  Notes/Rhythms, Articulations, Tone, Dynamics, and Intonation (Senior only).  They will be receiving a print version of the marking rubric this week in class.  They must email their assignment to Ms. Klippenstein at, or hand it in on a USB stick in class.  This assignment is due by this Friday, December 4.  If technology is unavailable for students to hand-in this assignment, other live assessment options are available, but the student must come speak to Ms. Klippenstein first.  Note that it is ideal to send in a recording to Ms. Klippenstein, as there are more opportunities to correct the fine details in the recording than a live session.

Here are the other details needed for this assignment:

  1. Intermediates – The following passages must be sent:
    1. Whirlwind – Rehearsal letter G to rehearsal letter H.
    2. Jolly Old Sleigh Ride – measures 29 to the end.
  2. Seniors – The following passages must be sent:
    1. The Cave You Fear – measures 75 to 96.
    2. Christmas at the Circus – measures 58 to 84.
    3. Vitae Lux – rehearsal letter D to rehearsal letter F

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