As we approach December, it is time for our seasonal winter concert!  We are looking forward to showcasing the talents and hard work the students have put in to their music.  Our concert will be at 7:00 P.M. on December 7th, at Lakeview Church in Saskatoon.  There are a few details below about our concert that should be taken into account.  PLEASE take note of a time change for the beginners (as well as an added detail about pick-up for everyone) from the note sent home.

  1. Please wear concert dress to the concert.
    1. Beginners – White dress shirt, black pants, black shoes.
    2. Intermediate – Black concert shirt, black pants, black shoes.
    3. Seniors – White concert shirt, black pants, black shoes.
  2. Please arrive at the following time for a pre-concert rehearsal:
    1. Beginners – You will need to find transportation for yourself to and from the rehearsal.  Please arrive at Lakeview Church at 5:50. This will enable the beginner rehearsal to begin at 6:00.  Remember that car-pooling is an option for those parents who cannot provide the students with transportation.
    2. Intermediate and Senior Winds – Buses that normally bring students to Clavet will instead take students straight to Lakeview Church after school.  You must bring a lunch as usual.  In addition, students WILL NOT be bused back to their home communities after the concert.  Parents/guardians must arrange for alternate transportation for the students after the concert (or come to the concert so they can pick them up!)

Here is a copy of the letter we handed out to students at our last full rehearsal of the year:

Winter Concert Letter 2015

directions to lakeview churchdirections to lakeview church - zoomed

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