With the upcoming Canadian Rocky Mountain Festival performance looming the senior Band will be focusing their preparation and there are several extra rehearsals for the event.

March 9th – The senior Band will be performing at our local district music festival in Watrous. Time tba – all students will be bused to and from Watrous. (Aberdeen Students are on a ski trip that day and wont be at Watrous)

March 18th – Tentative Afternoon/Early evening rehearsal with West Seniors and Attending University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra Concert. Students will be bused to and from the event.

April 15th – Joint rehearsal with West Students at Resonate with guest sessionals. Students will be bused to and from Resonate All students need to Sign up ASAP with the help of parents/guardians here:

You need a health card and parental/guardian permission for any photography that happens during the Resonate event.

Alternatively bring a signed release form (handed out on Monday) to school on your next band day with your health card number to sign up in class.

Written by willmartin