The first Intermediate and Senior Division rehearsals start this coming Wednesday 14th of September.

Please either complete an online registration at this link for bus permission – http://goo.gl/3o72L2 

or fill in and return the following form (electronically or manually) bus-form-2016-17

All students will be bused to and from Allan from their home schools at the following times:

Bus Timetable

Aberdeen – Driver:  Gail Semchyshen – Bus 180

Pick up in Aberdeen – 11:50a.m.                              Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50a.m.                                 Arrive in Aberdeen – 5:40p.m.

Dundurn/Hanley – Driver:  Brenda King – Bus #246

Pick up in Dundurn – 11:50a.m.                                   Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Pick up in Hanley – 12:05p.m.                                  Arrive in Hanley – 5:25p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50p.m.                                      Arrive in Dundurn – 5:35p.m.

South Corman Park/Clavet/Colonsay – Driver:  Rick Gartner – Bus #241

Pick up at South Corman Park – 11:50a.m.               Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Pick up at Clavet – 12:10p.m.                             Arrive in Colonsay – 4:50p.m.

Pick up in Colonsay – 12:40p.m.                           Arrive in Clavet – 5:15p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:55p.m.                           Arrive at South Corman Park – 5:35p.m.

These are all estimates only.  Once the first time is done, there may be some time adjustments.

Written by willmartin