Squeak and Squawk

With Clavet school Old Gym still under construction and the majority of our schools grade 5’s taking part in the in Beginner Band+ program we have decided to Cancel this year’s Squeak and Squawk event and will be offering it in a different way. Clinicians will come in to our communities during the school day and during beginner class to help the beginners start their instrumental journey. All grade 5’s will need their instrument for the week of September 26th. If you need an instrument and are having difficulties finding one contact Mr. Martin as soon as possible for options.

Division Rehearsals

The new format of division rehearsals was launched this past Wednesday 14th in Allan. If the first rehearsal is any indication this should be a fun and exciting new year. Students took part in sectionals, full rehearsals and break down groups. A huge thank you to all the student that made it out and our wonderful hosting staff at Allan School.

Band Parents Association

The Band Parents Association have a board meeting this coming Wednesday night at Broadway Roastery from 6pm. If anyone would like to contribute to helping support the program please get in touch. .


Please register online to enroll in band this year (if possible) you can register at the following link:


If this is not possible please contact Mr.Martin/Mr. Ward to get a paper copy.

Written by willmartin