Just a reminder that there is NO Squeak and Squawk this Wednesday. Beginner Band students are doing hour clinics in their normal band time this week.

Beginner Classes this week:

Monday 26th          D      Aberdeen AM      Clarinets A.Sax/Tumpets        Period 2 

                                           Clavet  PM            Clarinets/ Trumpets                 Period 2       

Tuesday 27th        E       Colonsay AM     Clarinets/Saxophones/Trumpets   Period 1               

                                         SCP   PM               Clarinets/Saxophones/Trumpets                               

Wednesday 28th  F       Clavet AM            Saxophone/ Low brass                                          

                                    Aberdeen PM     NO CLASS – Division Rehearsal

Thursday 29th      A       Allan AM              All Instruments                              Period 3 

                                      Colonsay  PM       Flutes/Low Brass                           Period 2     

Friday 30th            B       Clavet AM            Flutes/Percussion                        Period 1

                                        Aberdeen PM      Flutes/ Percussion/Tromb           Period 5      

Division Rehearsal – This Wednesday

Our second Division rehearsal of the year is this coming Wednesday in Allan. We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Written by willmartin