Happy Thanksgiving!

Please find attached information for our first Band Fundraiser of the year. Our popular Avgen Gift Card fundraiser is perfect for getting your Winter shopping done early. The Avgen program offers gift cards to a large amount of very popular stores in and around Saskatoon and for every gift card purchased a percentage goes back to the band program and into each students Family Accounts. (I have attached a little information about the Family Accounts below for anyone that is new to the program)

Please find the Avgen Documents here: (Click to download/View)

  • What are “Family Accounts”                                                                                 Every student in the PSSD East Band Program has access to a family account to pay for trips, event and tours. Any money a student raises through fundraising go into the Family Account for the duration of their time within the program.
  • What Fundraisers?                                                                                                There are several fundraisers throughout the year that students can take part in, set up by the Band Parents Association. Students are also encouraged to set up their own fundraising or community events if they wish.
  • Who do I talk to about Fundraising or my Family Account?                                         The Band Parents Association has a Fundraising Officer that helps organize events and is the contact person for any questions please contact:                 Fundraising:     Shannette Classen at  bsclassen@sasktel.net                                           For enquiries about your family account and what you have in it please contact our Treasurer.                                                                                            Family Account:     Charmaine Himbeault at kchimbeault@sasktel.net

Written by willmartin