Winter Concert – Monday, Dec. 12th at Lakeview Church

Hello Everyone!

The PSSD East Band Division Winter Concert is quickly approaching! Below is some information about the concert:

WHO? All Beginner Band students and all students that attend Division Rehearsals are invited to perform in the concert. All friends and relatives of the students are invited to attend the concert as well.

WHAT? A musical performance by the Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior Bands to showcase the work they have been doing all semester. The bands will play a mixture of regular band music and Christmas music. The Band Parent’s Association will serve refreshments after the concert.

WHERE/WHEN? The concert will be held on Monday, December 12th at Lakeview Church located at Site 510, Box 15, RR5, Saskatoon, SK, S7K 3J8. Students will be bused to the venue directly after school. They will need to bring supper! The concert begins at 7:00 pm and ends around 8:15. Students will not be bused back so they will require a ride home.

Concert Dress

Beginner Band: Concert dress for beginners is a white dress shirt/blouse, nice black pants or a long black skirt , black socks and nice black shoes. Please avoid wearing t shirts, jeans, and runners!

Intermediate Band: Concert dress for Intermediates is a band polo shirt, black pants or a long black skirt with black socks and black shoes. Students will be provided with a black polo shirt with a prairie spirit logo to be paid for as part of the band fees. They will be handed out at the next division rehearsal (Wednesday, December 7) or on the concert date depending on availability.

Senior Band: Concert dress for the senior band is a white dress shirt/blouse, black pants or a long black skirt, black socks, and nice black shoes. Senior students will be provided with a gold tie that will be handed out at the next division rehearsal or on the concert date depending on when they come in. If you still have a senior jacket, please hand it in by the end of the semester.

Bus Form

If you have not already done so, please print out the attached bus form and bring it to us ASAP.



Photos will be taken at Lakeview Church on the day of the concert. If you or your child would like to purchase photos, please fill out the attached sheet and return it to Mr. Martin or Mr. Friesen by ASAP.

band-order-form-2016 (photo form)

Resonate Gala this Wednesday – No picture night on Weds


Another quick note to remind everyone about the fantastic fundraiser happening this Wednesday at the Bassment Jazz Club in Saskatoon at 7pm. Our Senior Wind and Percussion players will be taking part in the Resonate Fundraiser with students from the West and North of the school division, the Resonate House Band and local group Sambatoon.

As students are taking part in the Gala there is NO PICTURE NIGHT (beginner rehearsal) this coming Wednesday. (See below)

Gala Night –

  • WHEN  –  Weds Nov 23rd, 7pm – Students need to arrive there for 6:50pm 
  • WHERE – The Bassment, Jazz Club, 202 4th Ave N, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1
  • WHAT – Both the Senior Winds and Senior Percussion Ensembles are performing
  • DRESS – Like Remembrance Day, dress Smart Casual
  • Winds – playing Joy to the World – Silent Night – Jingle Bells                                         Parts   christmas-sing-along
  • Percussion – playing     Clapping Music  –  Foreign Objects –  Fresh Trash                     Parts – reich-clapping-music

Student Pictures

The pictures will happen on the day of the concert on December 12th. All students will be bused from school to Lakeview church and will have pictures taken at their pre-concert rehearsal in the church. The Beginners will have their first group rehearsal on Concert Day.

Please find the attached picture forms. Please return these to Mr. Martin/Freisen or Ms. Wist by December 7th 


Reminder: Reporting Periods

Just a quick reminder while report cards are coming out for some schools the PSSD East Music Program reporting dates are in 3 terms for all of our students across the 14 communities in East and West.

Grade 6*-12

December 19th

March 27th

June 19th

*Students in the Grade 5 (6) Beginner Band Plus Program have the same reporting periods as their home schools as it is part of their Homeroom Arts Ed Grade.


Resonate Gala

Hi Everyone!

We just wanted to send out some information about an upcoming fundraiser for Resonate. For those who are unfamiliar with Resonate, please see the link below for information about what is it and who can attend:

We are inviting all PSSD band students and families to join us at 7:00 on Wednesday, November 23rd at The Bassment (202-4th Avenue North, Saskatoon SK) for a night of music and entertainment as a way to raise funds to pay for Resonate. There will be a house band composed of various PSSD staff (Including Mr. Martin, Mr. Streisel, Mr. Friesen, and Ms. Wist!), student performances, and an exciting set from the feature band “Sambatoon”. Tickets are $15 for Adults, $10 for 18 and under, and $40 for a family (2 adults and 2 children under 18). If you or your family are interested in attending, tickets can be bought from any of the PSSD Music Teachers, or you can show up the night of the Gala at the Bassment and pay admission at the door.

We are also inviting all Senior Woodwind Players to join us as performers! The senior winds will be playing three songs to be rehearsed at the next division rehearsal:

1)Lean On Me           2)Beyond the Clouds           3)An Easy Winter Piece

If there are any Senior Wind Players that are available and interested in performing at the Resonate Gala, please let either Mr. Martin or Mr. Friesen know ASAP so we can add you to the list of performers.

Thanks and have a great rest of the week!

News of the Week – 7th November


Hope another restful or fulfilling weekend has passed by, here is the News of the Week.

  • Avgen Gift Card Fundraisers are due this coming Wednesday at Division Rehearsal
  • Remembrance Service at Allan School this Wednesday (Intermediate and Senior Band)

Video of the Week. Take 6 mins to relax, listen and reflect on this movement of the Mass for Remembrance “The Armed Man” by Karl Jenkins;

  • Avgen Gift Card Fundraisers are due this coming Wednesday at Division Rehearsal

Fundraising (Family Account) money can be spent to pay band fee’s, tour/trip costs, Summer Band Camp fees, or purchase of new instrument/instrument upgrades.

  • Remembrance Service at Allan School this Wednesday (Intermediate and Senior Band)

The Senior and Intermediate Bands will be taking part in the Remembrance Service at Allan School this Wednesday at 2pm. Seniors will be playing O’Canada and during the lay of the wreaths.

DRESS: SMART (NOT REGULAR UNIFORMS) Shirt/Tie/Dress/Jacket/Smart Shoes etc..

Week Ahead:

 Mr.Martin (Mr. Freisen)                       Ms. Wist

Monday:       Clavet (AM)  Aberdeen (PM)

Tuesday:      Allan (AM)     SCP (PM)                Dalmeny (AM)  Dundurn (PM)

Wednesday:   Aberdeen (AM)            ALLAN DIVISION REHEARSAL (PM)

Thursday:      Colonsay (AM) SCP (PM)                Hanley (AM) Dundurn (PM)



Fundraiser Extension – Band Room News


Hope everyone is having a great week! Just a few notes and news from the bandroom.

Avgen Gift Card Deadline extended to Nov. 9th

  • The Avgen Gift Card Fundraiser deadline has been extended to November 9th. All fundraising forms need to be returned that day either to Shannette Classen or to your Band Teacher at Division Rehearsal.  This is a great fundraiser, if you shop in Sobeys, Wallmart or the numerous other stores listed, or get gas for your car you can be making money for your student bank account by using these gift cards.
  • For more info see the post below this one.

Remembrance Day in Allan – Nov 9th

  • All Senior and Intermediate students are taking part in the Allan School Remembrance Service at 1:30pm on November 9th. This is during the regular division band time. Students will resume rehearsing after.
  • What: Seniors and any Intermediates that want to, will play O Canada.                            Both bands will be playing during the laying of the wreaths:                                    Both Intermediate and Senior Band –> Of Gentle Spirit                                         Seniors   –> Eternal Father Strong to Save (in 66 Festival Chorales)                                   –> Hymns from the new Hymbook (see next class)                                Aiden Classen will play Last Post,, Lament and Rouse
  • Dress: Students do not need to be in uniform but are asked to dress smartly           –> Dress/Shirt/Smart Trousers/Tie/Suit Jacket/Smart shoes etc.
  • Parents/Family/Community members are welcome

Welcome Ms. Wist

  • While Mr. Ward remains on leave we would like to Welcome Ms. Wist, who is taking over all of Mr. Wards duties in his absence going forward. Please stop to say hello if you get the chance to meet her! She will be teaching in Hanley/Dundurn and Dalmeny in addition to being at both East and West Division Rehearsals.