Hoping everyone had a fantastic weekend and managed to enjoy the great weather!

Just a quick reminder about tomorrows Spring Concert. We look forward to seeing you there.

Afternoon Schedule:

3:00-3:30pm – Students are bused from home schools

3:30-4pm –Students arrive – Students help set stage

4:15pm Beginner Band Rehearsal*

5:00pm – Senior Rehearsal*

– Showband rehearse/Talk through*

5:30pm – Intermediate rehearsal*

– Percussion Ensemble Rehearse/Talk through*

6:30pm – Doors open

7:00pm  Performance

    • Intermediate Band – As Winds Dance, Chorale From Jupiter, Tell Tale Heart
    • Showband – TBC
    • Beginner Band – Selections from Soundstart 1-4, Popcorn Prelude
    • Percussion Ensemble – Minor Rock, Fresh Trash, Found objects, Rhino Rock,
    • Senior Band – Flourish for Wind Band, Chasing Sunlight, Resplendent Light, Imaginarium, Vivo Galop
*All students are expected to stick to their designated areas during downtime and eat their packed supper and get changed into concert dress when they can.

Written by willmartin