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Bus times for Division Hub Classes in Allan:

Bus Timetable

Aberdeen – Driver: Gail Semchyshen – Bus 265

Pick up in Aberdeen – 12:00p.m.                                         Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50p.m.                                           Arrive in Aberdeen – 5:40p.m.

Dundurn/Hanley – Driver: Brenda King – Bus #166

Pick up in Hanley – 12:05p.m.                                    Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Arrive in Allan – 12:50p.m.                                     Arrive in Dundurn – 5:35p.m.

South Corman Park/Clavet/Colonsay – Driver: Dawn Loessin – Bus #210

Pick up at Clavet – 12:10p.m.                               Leave Allan – 4:40p.m.

Pick up in Colonsay – 12:40p.m.                       Arrive in Colonsay – 4:50p.m

Arrive in Allan – 12:55p.m.                         Arrive in Clavet – 5:15p.m

These are all estimates only. Once the first time is done, there may be some time adjustments.

Parents or car pool MAY still pick up students from Allan after rehearsal time.

** Parents interested in becoming a bus driver please contact the BUS GARAGE

@ 374-2496**

** All students on busses MUST abide by the School Division Bus Policy**

Written by willmartin