Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful thanksgiving. This coming Wednesday is our Third Division Hub Classes in Allan. Attendance is hugely important with our first performance just around the corner.

‘A Night at the Movies’ PSSD East Fundraiser Concert October 25th, Clavet School @ 7pm

The second fundraiser of the year will place on Wednesday October 25th at Clavet School. With special guests “The Saskatoon Brass Band”, Prairie Spirit East Senior Band presents “A Night at the Movies”. A fundraiser concert and evening of music in film and fun for all featuring performances from the senior band, Saskatoon Brass Band and special guests.

Tickets for the event are $15 for adults $10 for students and Children under 10 free. All students are able to sell tickets using this form: Night at the Movies Guest List.  50% of the ticket price will go to the student that sells the tickets family fundraising account and 50% goes towards the purchase of instruments primarily for the grade 5/6 music programs.


All beginners are now starting work with instruments although we are still awaiting a few instruments from our supplier to get everyone started. For the first few weeks students are using a free online workbook and resource called Basic Band.

Using their website students have access to videos and a printable handbook (all students have been given) which help the student get the basics of playing posture, embouchure (muscles in the mouth used), breathing, setting up the instrument and how to clean the instrument among other important informational videos.

Resources for beginner band:

Basic Band  http://basicband.info/   – Click on the drop down menu and select your instrument

  •        page 2/3 basic set up and sound
  •        page 4/5 pitches and notes
  •        page 8/9 first five notes

Optional free app:  Band Blast  http://www.bandblast.com/

  • An excellent fun learning tool with games and playing tips from professionals.


Written by willmartin