Concert thanks!

Thank you to all our wonderful students, parents, staff, admins, BPA members and Lakeview Church for a great concert last night. A great marker for all the students to build upon as we move into 2018.

We are into our last week of music classes before the break.

Wednesday 13th: Aberdeen (All grade 5 and 6)

Thursday 14th: Allan  and AGO

Friday 15th: Clavet (Senior gift exchange) 5 and 6 all.

Monday 16th: Colonsay and AGO

Tuesday 19th: 7-12 report comments and update sent out.

We are still looking for band parent association members. Please contact Mr. Martin of you can help in any capacity.

30 hours until concert time.. ish. More concert reminders.


Some Key Point Reminders for Tomorrows Concert

Venue Lakeview Chuch  –>  Map and Directions at this link            

Letters/Docs for Winter Concert: please click on the relevant documents if you haven’t read them:

Winter Concert 17 Student letter      PSSD East Beginner Parent Letter

Winter Concert December 11th            Band Picture order form 2017

Photo/Picture Forms – Please hand these in to Mrs. Schmidt when you get to the Church. If you want a picture but don’t have a form filled in there will be forms there and payment can also be made at a later time with D & M Images.

Senior Division Band Members – Remember to bring two Dozen baking items to sell at the bake sale. The proceeds will go towards a year end activity for you.

Sock Drive – If you have any new pairs of socks to donate to charity please bring them tomorrow to the concert.

Bus Times: See the previous post below for getting a bus after school

Final Division Rehearsal before December 11th Division Rehearsal

Tomorrow is the final division classes and rehearsal for students in Grade 7-12, prior to next Mondays Concert. Please be there and prepared to work hard.

Next weeks Busses to the concert: (all grade 5, 6 and 7-12 students will be bused to the concert venue but need a ride home)

BUS #1 – Colonsay – 3:10; Allan – 3:25 – Lakeview Church – Bus 324 – Dawn Loessin

Bus #2 – Hanley – 3:05; Dundurn – 3:25; SCP – 3:45 – Lakeview Church – Bus 400 – Brenda King

Bus #3 – Aberdeen – 3:05 – Lakeview Church – Bus 250 – Gail Semchyshen

Bus #4 – Clavet – 3:20 – Lakeview Church – Bus 176 – Paul Baby

Bus #5 – Clavet – 3:20 – Lakeview Church – Bus 177 – Rick Gartner